The Country Living Fairs have been running for over 25 years. We run a Spring and Christmas Fair in London and two further Christmas Fairs in Glasgow and Harrogate. They attract an affluent audience who appreciate handmade, high-end products and attend to get inspiration and discover new brands.

The Harrogate Christmas Fair is our newest show and has been a great addition to the Yorkshire event calendar. Our exhibitors benefit from an extensive PR and marketing campaign to attract the right visitor. Below are some key statistics about our audience.

  • Gender – 95% female
  • Average age: 53
  • Social Grade – ABC1 92% of which 72% are AB
  • Average household income £58K
  • 78.1% of visitors come from Yorkshire and the North
  • Average spend per person £140
  • 91% of visitors are very satisfied or satisfied with the Fair
  • 80% of visitors are very likely/likely to recommend the Fair to their friends and family
  • 68% attend to buy Christmas gifts

Exhibitor Testimonials

It’s been phenomenally successful and a great platform to promote my teaching and get feedback on work and products. The workshops have been really successful and it’s lovely to hear and see how you’ve inspired people. Exhibiting has helped to raise my profile and I’ll be back next year as it’s such an enjoyable event.
I’ve had some good repeat business. It’s a nice audience mix and it’s good to get instant feedback and discover what people like and enjoy. With what I sell there is always post show business and I’ve got lots of leads to follow up on.
It’s been a really good show. The Country Living brand is strong, very professional and we’ve been a longstanding supporter since 1997. The Fairs are good business and we get to meet our regular customers. They’ve helped launch and establish our brand and act as a good marketing platform for us. Face to face interaction and the ability to be able to touch, feel and try the products is so important to businesses like ours. You can’t do that online and therefore we can’t rely on it. Exhibiting is our opportunity to start a relationship with visitors, they like to meet the makers and build in trust. It’s been working for us for over 17 years!
We’ve been exhibiting for over 10 years and it’s our chance to see loyal customers, get feedback on products, new ranges and meet good quality visitors. It’s been a great show with takings up on last year. We’ll certainly be back!
It’s been a good show with a real buzz this year. It’s always a great opportunity to meet visitors and an enjoyable event to be involved with.