Stand Number
Country Traditionals MB90
3D Pop-Up Cards B9
Aabelard MB82
Adoremydoor VG19
Aldercopse Old Folding Maps VG44
Amanda Dansie Handmade Bags and Accessories MB56
Ambermayde A15a
Amica Accessories MB42
Amica Accessories MB42
Anise Cashmere MB76
Anna Calvert Jewellery VG7
Annie Mundy Jewellery MB28
Anouk MB36
Arnold & Arnold MF5
Art by Natasha Jade MB85a
Artcuts Ltd MF62
Artifactually VG28
Aura Que MB101a
Aurora London MB34
B Skincare MB94
Bay Design MF52
Beckybooglescolourmyshirt MB107
Beefayre VG13
Belinda Robertson GB38
Bennett and Barnes Antiques VG24
Bergs International MB13 & MB101
Bespoke Verse Limited MB101
Bethany Holmes Art MB38
Bill Brown GB39
Bird of Paradise MB12a
BPerfect Cosmetics GB49
Bramley and Gage Ltd F77
Briscoe’s F75
Brother United LTD MB5
Buttonbag MB21a
Caliz London VG5
Carved Angel F59
Cashmere & Cotton MF1
Caurnie Soaperie MB25
Challenger Partnership VG10
Chandrika Thomas MB60
Charity Link A30
Charles Taylor Trading GB2
Charlie & Ivy F11
Charlotte Clowes Textiles MF13
Choi Time Teas F55
Christin Ranger Jewellery MB37
Clockwork Soldier MB96
Coco & Kinny VG22
Craft Coop GB17
Creative Dezigns Ltd MB14
Cristiane Fischer Designs MF41
Crystal and Stone GH1
Curious Rose MB98
Dangly Hearts MB19a
Daniela Sigurd Jewellery GH35
Darwin Supply VG29
The Stripes Company VG38
Designers Art & Soul MB33
Dotcomgiftshop GB1
Douglas Haddow Watercolours VG23a
Early Bird Vintage CLV3
Eat Sleep Doodle MB39
Eliza Wray MF65
Em&Lu MB74
Enamelama CLV2
Eudicots Ltd MB9
Fairies of Knapwell Wood VG2
Fat Fish Jewellery MB65a
Fat Poppy Cat MB93
Fen & Co GH55
Fine Lines MB97
Finial Flax GH45
Finishing Touches MF8
Flaming Hot Glass A30a
Flapjackery F49
Flint and Flame GB19
Forever Amano Limited MB1
Forever England MF47
Francesca Simpson Fine Art MF9a
Freddie’s Flowers MB85a
Free Spirit A2
Gemma Redmond Vintage MF20
Glorious Mud Ceramics MB73
Goose GL5
Gorilla Spirits F64
Grace and Flora VG40
Grandala MB92
Heaven and Earth A17
Heaven and Earth A36
Herts Upholstery MB2
HexNex Jewellery GH18
Heyland and Whittle Ltd GL6
Highland Angel VG36
Hogben Pottery MF17
Hoyti Toyti VG3
Husen Moda A31a
Incredible Pies F46
Infinity & Co GH32a
Irvine Shirts MB80
Isabee MB21
Italian Wardrobe GB44
J.J. Textile MB68
Jane Means GL9
Jardin de France A11
Jardins Animes VG33
Jewel House Rocks B1
Jinks McGrath Jewellery MB11a
Jo Butcher mf36
Julia Davey Ceramics MF40
Julia Pharo Jewellery MB106
Julian Road GH25
Karen Davies Stained Glass VG20
Kashka A43
Kate Boulter Felt Artist MB18
Kate Gilliland Jewellery VG26a
Kate of Kensington MF60
Kate Sproston Design MF38
Kate Toms VG32
Kathy Jobson VG30
Katie Mullally MF53
Kiki & Bow VG8
Kitted in Cashmere MB67
Lanka Kade (UK) Ltd GH53
Laughing Dog Food GH19
Le Jaana MB108
Le Mesurier F3
Lelong Designs A32a
Leonie Worrell MF35
Les Elfes de Stephanie VG26
Lesser Spotted images MB70
LillyPuds Ltd F22
Linda Dooley Knitwear MB64
Loire Valley Wine Ltd F29
London International Silver Co GL7
Lottie Day MF18
Lotus Feet GL1
Lou Grey Designs Ltd MB110
Louisa Elizabeth MB48
Louise Mulgrew Designs MB63
Louise’s Larder F39
Love from Alice A22a
LoveVintage CLV1
Lucy Bradshaw Jewellery MB111
Luxury Hampers & Gifts F71a
Maggie Ormston VG27
Manijeh MF7
Marguerite Ceramics MF45
Maria Fina Gourmet Gifts F57
Marmoo Accessories by Amanda Cope VG18
Mason’s Yorkshire Gin GH11
Massagical A16
Memories of Growing Up MB41
Min Fletcher-Jones MF30
Mon Bijoux GH23a
Mr Quintessential MB80
New York Delhi F17
Norse MF3
Nousha Photography MB112
O’Donnell Moonshine F75
Opatra / Obey Your Body GB17
Organics VG17
Paper Sam MF9
Parma Violet MB69
Peak & Brim Hats MB15
Penny Lindop Designs MF21
Personalised Pillows MB58
Peter and Sandra Noble MF61
Phoebe Jewellery MB56a
Phoebe Simpson MF13a
Pieroth Ltd GB50
Plant & Plant MB87
Poetic Licence Distillery F25a
Pollyfields VG1
Potting Up Limited VG25a
Queenmark GH39
Re-Wrap-It F13a
Rhino & Ceramics MB44
Rohanna Jewellery MB62
Romney Marsh Wools MB72
Rose Cottage Drinks F67
Roxana de Rond MB59
Ruby and the Crow VG21
Sakamoto Designs A12a
Sandra Hardy MF25
Sandy Bay London VG37
Scattergood & Taylor MB50a
Seesaw Children’s Clothing MB54
Serravinci GH27
Sevin London MF44
Shark Alley Jewellery VG20a
Shepheard-Walwyn Books & Prints GB13
Shop in the Loft Ltd A33
Sian O’Doherty MB114
Temerity Jones Shop GB55
Silver Pink Company MB30
Simone Micallef, Designer Jeweller MB66
Simply Shaker V946
Simply Vintage Designs MF42
Sipahi & Co MB95
Sir Hans Sloane F71
Slow Split MF31
Smiling Faces Ltd MB35
Soline B11
Sophie Allport Ltd MF27
Squiggle Dot & Squeeze GH13
Stable House MF6
Stacy Chan Limited MB4
Studio Kimono MB32
Sue Bibby Embroidery MB71a
The Alpaca Wardrobe GL1a
The Arty Crafty Place Ltd B7
The Arty Crafty Place Ltd B7
The Book People GB22
The Contemporary Home VG39
The English Stamp Co MF51
The Festive Dresser VG6a
The Lace Knittery A15
The Little Art Collection MB102a
The Makerss MB98a
The Old Wooden Lady GB25
The Original Shepherdess MB27
The Peacock’s Tale MF12
The Porch Fairies MB99
The Professional Fundraiser A45
The Truckle Cheese Co F27
The Walnut Tree F1
Think Gadgets GB31
Thorpe Confectionery F65
Timea Sido Ceramics MB17
Timeless Bloom MB55
Tollhouse Country Crafts VG40a
Treasure Tree Ltd VG15
True Linen MB49a
Trumpers World VG9
Two Little Boys VG34
Urban Outline MB47
Valentte GB36a
Vishana Ltd GL2
Vivid Colours Design MB12
W.T Author MB22
Watch This Space Wholesale Ltd GL4
Welink B4
Wellbake Ltd F9
White Rain Designs VG21a
Wildwood MF57a
Winnie Magee Design GB26a
Woods World Wide By Williams MF14
Working4Wildlife A4
Wow Trade Ltd GL3
Yoga Jewellery B10
Yvonne Coomber Art MF23