This year in the Country Living Christmas Kitchen Theatre at our London Fair, sponsored by Stoves, we bring together some of the country’s finest food and drink producers and celebrity chefs. You’ll experience expert cooking and baking demonstrations live on stage, for free. Learn how to make delicious and creative seasonal recipes to impress family and friends, plus pick-up top tips and leave inspired.

Chefs will also share their secrets, tips and tricks, and answer all your culinary questions.

Take a look at our timetable of demonstrations below and head to the drop down section for more information on each of the sessions. You can also find out more about the producers, chefs and experts leading them. 

*Timetable subject to change. For more information on individual sessions and tutors please scroll down. 

new CL London timetable

Sara Ward will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 12 noon on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. And 4pm on Saturday. 

Session description: 

Welcome Christmas to your home with this irresistible celebration bake, perfect for a gift or as a top teatime treat. An enriched dough folded around a filling of apricots, pecans and brown sugar and wound into a wreath before baking. Finished with a glaze of apricot jam and a drizzle of icing. This demonstration will include working with a sweet dough, creating a sumptuous filling, shaping your wreath and tips for baking, storing and serving. 

More about Sara:

Over recent years Sara Ward and her family have transformed their Victorian terrace house in West London into an urban smallholding, Hen Corner. They are living the good life complete with 24 hens, three colonies of honey bees, a fruitful kitchen garden and a micro bakery which is making 30-40 loaves of bread each Friday along with hundreds of sticky buns, cakes and savoury treats. 

Mike Keen will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 1pm on Friday and 12 noon on Saturday.

Session description to be announced shortly.

More about Mike: 

Mike has spent a good part of the last two years in Greenland kayaking, cooking, researching and writing his upcoming book on fermentation and the food culture in the Arctic, as introduced by the Norse and Inuit over a thousand years ago. Recipe based, it features traditional methods as well as Mike’s own take on these unknown, soontobe classics..

Joe Hurd will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 2pm on Wednesday and Saturday. And 1pm on Sunday. 

Session description to be announced soon. 

More about Joe: 

As a proud Yorkshireman with Italian heritage, Joe Hurd’s interests in cooking were inspired by these influences from day one. Joe’s cooking style is unfussy, accessible and always about the flavour, and he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge of traditional Italian recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques with home cooks. As a chef, Joe has worked alongside Jamie Oliver, Gennaro Contaldo and the late, great Antonio Carluccio. He’s a regular guest presenter on BBC 1’s Saturday Kitchen, on stage at festivals and events across the UK.


Tom Rhodes will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 1pm on Thursday and 2pm on Friday.

Session description:

Tom will be demonstrating two seasonal inspired recipes: Miso and Chocolate Panettone Pudding and Banh Mi inspired Christmas Leftovers Sandwich. 

More about Tom: 

This year’s MasterChef Champion Tom stunned with his subtle use of big flavours and ingredients, his striking palate, and his ability to create innovative dishes bringing all these elements together in perfect harmony. He’s proud to admit that he’s obsessed with cooking and developing new recipes, and as such he’s been a huge hit on the food festival scene. He’s travelled the country from Durham to Brighton to showcase his wonderful cookery ideas and has also become a regular on ITV’s This Morning where he wowed hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary with his skills. Tom thrives on creating beautiful recipes and content to share with at home cooks. 

Ching will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 1pm on Saturday. 

Session description to be announced soon. 

More about Ching: 

Ching is an Emmy-nominated, Award winning TV Chef and Cookery Book Author, who has been championing, popularising and de-mystifying Chinese cuisine in the media, since 2003. Ching’s approach to cookery stems from the traditional farming community of her grandparents in Southern Taiwan. Ching’s ethos is to use fresh organic produce, making cooking fun, accessible and nutritious to all, appealing to both the East and West. Ching received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020 List for services to The Culinary Arts. 

Barret Jones will be joining us in the London Country Living Kitchen at 2pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday. 

Session description:

Barret will be demonstration two seasonal inspired recipes to tickle your taste buds. How to create the Ultimate ‘Prawn Toast’ and a festive favourite – Your Guide to a Vegan Trifle. 

More about Barret: 

At the helm of The Garden House Restaurant is Barret Jones, whose repertoire of work spans some of New Zealand’s most sought after restaurants as well as more exclusive work as a private chef to prominent families in the UK. As such, there is no-one better placed than Chef Barret to oversee the charming and cosy Garden House Restaurant that serves comforting, home-cooked fare. Chef Barret is passionate about locally sourced, fresh ingredients which, where possible, are sourced from the onsite kitchen garden and nearby suppliers. Some of his signature dishes at The Garden House Restaurant include The Josper Grilled Stonebass, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Crispy Polenta Squid. 

The Poetic License Distillery will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 3pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 4pm on Friday, 5pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday. 

Session description to be updated soon. 

More about the Poetic License Distillery: 

The Poetic License Distillery have a small but passionate team who work hard to create unforgettable flavours, so you can enjoy their spirits with difference in mind. Their head distiller Ben has been with the distillery since mid-2019, having moved from running a distillery in Norway and previously launched a new gin in Liverpool from where he hails. Heading up the sales team is Lee Gowland who joined the business in 2020.

Kate Saunders will be joining us in the Country Living Kitchen at 3pm on Saturday. 

Session description: 

Kate will be whisking up a festive Turnip Chocolate Yule Log with an Avocado and Chocolate Icing. You will even discover how to incorporate vegetables into your festive yule log and pick up top tips on how to incorporate different vegetables into bakes, how to roll a swiss roll and how to build your yule log. 

More about Kate: 

Having started her career working with the Olympic and Paralympic teams as a sports injury masseur, it was whilst she was travelling with them that she came up with ideas on how to create healthier cakes/treats for them by adding vegetables as one of the largest ingredients trying to reduce refined sugars and fats. Kate now runs courses, gives talks and cooking demos and has published Cakes with Secret Ingredients from Aubergine to Zucchini, 27 different vegetables in over 100 cakes, cookies, ice creams and jams.