5 transitional recipe ideas to keep mealtimes cosy until it’s 100% safe to stop wearing that vest.

We all want to eat what’s in season but whilst spring brings with it many of the year’s best flavours, it can leave the bag marked ‘warmer weather’ somewhere up in the attic.

We’ve cuddled together five free online recipes that will give you the fresh and light taste of spring and also feed your need for just a smudge more winter comfort food. After all, the snow has only just left us!

1. The breakfast: Spring means mangoes so why not try this tropical Mango porridge recipe? Swap the almond milk for coconut milk for a little extra sunshine.

2. The lunch: This warming soup celebrates the spring fresh flavours of pea, leek and potato. A creamy alternative using succulent spears of seasonal asparagus is also a good option.

3. The meaty dinner: You’ll find a double seasonal whammy of lamb and fresh apricots in this hearty and aromatic tagine. Marinate the meat overnight for the best flavour.

4. The veggie option: Artichokes, spinach and carrots are all in season and all in this richly delicious risotto recipe. Garnish with a little spring watercress for added texture and freshness.

5. The dessert: Crumbles are one of the universe’s great gifts to humankind, but have you tried boiling your spring rhubarb in sugar syrup and wrapping it around some pineapple (also in season) mousse to make a fantastically fruity and visually stunning cake?

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