Charlotte Lowe 

Celebrate the simple moments in life with intricately etched handmade British jewellery by Charlotte Lowe.

About Charlotte Lowe

Established in 2009, Charlotte’s jewellery designs inspire thoughts of precious moments together with those that we love most; a collection of subtly sentimental jewellery that evokes memories unique to each individual. Handmade in the heart of the UK from Charlotte’s workshop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter the designs are lovingly handmade in sterling silver, gold and platinum with striking black and 22ct gold vermeil details.

New Additions

Since 2009 the collections have been created predominant in silver but this year she has a unique new collection of wedding and engagement rings that were launched just this month.

If you have ever come across Charlotte Lowe’s unique styled silhouette ranges you will know that she strongly believes in celebrating the simple moments in life as much as possible with a whole range of designs that captures the importance of the precious memories we share together. But of course there’s something else just as precious as the simple moments in life and they are the big moments. Known well for her sentimental collections of silver jewellery, this summer Charlotte Lowe introduced gold and platinum additions to her collections with a unique new range of wedding and engagement rings. At a glance you will see a stylish contemporary textured band but look a little closer to find these pieces reveal intricate little images within the metal.

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