GoodToBee is a British family business that started in 2018 as a result of a personal desire to reduce plastic in people’s lives. To gain a better insight into what GoodToBee does, how it all started, what inspires them and what the future holds for the company, read our interview with the founder of GoodToBee below…


How did it all start?

We were approached by our local BBC radio station to take part in a plastic challenge, in which we lived for a week as normal and kept all our plastic and then, for the next week, tried to reduce that plastic as much as possible. We reduced 120 items down to 17 and one of the biggest swaps was by removing cling film. After a bit of research, we discovered the concept of waxed wraps and made some for ourselves.  Soon friends asked us to make some for them. We realised we could help other families reduce their plastic footprint too and so GoodToBee was born!


The story behind the name…

We spent a long time thinking about our brand name and considered countless options but couldn’t decide on one we really felt was right. Then during a conversation about our wraps, I kept saying “it just feels so ‘good to be’ doing something about plastic”. So that was it!  We added the extra ‘e’ to say thank you to the amazing bees who make our wax and the name was set.


What inspires you?

We want to leave a healthy planet for our children, grandchildren and for future generations to come. The scientists, researchers, protesters and film makers who are bringing these concerns to the fore and to the attention of global industries and governments, are a constant inspiration to me.  The BBC’s and David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 was a pivotal moment for us and we need the global reach of people like this to help us all make a difference. On a day to day basis I am truly inspired and overwhelmed by our customers enthusiasm and willingness to make changes in their daily lives. If we can help people make simple plastic swaps like removing cling film, then we can help to keep our planet healthy.


What makes you, your brand or products appealing?

I feel the design and the texture of our wraps is why so many customers choose them and keep coming back for more. Look and feel is so important to our food choices.  It follows that the same should be applied to the wraps we then choose to protect and care for it. Our product range: from small mini wraps, through custom made snack bags and up to extra-large wraps, has something for all the family and for the different ways in which we all cook and store food.

Many other food wraps are made from 100% Natural cotton. This sounds great until you research the horrendous environmental damage from pesticides and the ethical mistreatment of workers within the cotton industry. We simply couldn’t make an eco-product out of something that was so environmentally destructive.  Although the cost is considerably higher, we opted to use organic cotton right from the start.

So, I feel customers know how important these issues are to us and to the wraps they buy from us.


What is your next project?

We’re very excited about a number of things in the pipeline… watch this space.


What is your best-selling product/line?

Our Everyday Pack of three mixed size wraps is a great place to start and provides a very versatile pack with lots of uses, from wrapping sandwiches and bowls to keeping ingredients and left overs fresh. Our Day To Day pack of Sandwich and Fridge Bags are also very popular, especially with families as they make a really easy way of packing picnics and school lunches, children really love them!

Any advice for fledgling businesses…

If it’s your passion – just do it! Plan well, eat well, laugh a lot and expect the unexpected. Oh… and don’t anticipate getting much sleep for the next 18 months!


What do you love about Country Living Fairs?

It’s wonderful to meet such a wide mix of people from all walks of life and talking to them about reducing plastic. Country Living Fairs attracts people and families from all over the country so it’s wonderful to be able to meet all of these people in one place. Some have never heard of beeswax food wraps and were grateful to be introduced to them and others came to the show just to find us!


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