Join Great British Bake Off contestant Kim-Joy’s Country Living Kitchen demonstration for some tips and tricks on how to decorate festive biscuits. 

Kim-Joy was born in Belgium to a Malaysian-Chinese Mother and English Father, and moved to North West London when she was 5. She studied Sociology in Bristol and went on to study for a Masters in Psychology in Leeds, where she eventually settled with her partner Nabil. Her work background has always been in caring roles and mental health, as she is passionate about helping others. In her spare time, she loves to bake to bring joy to her friends, colleagues and family. She sees baking as a way to bring people together, and to be mindful and relax.

In 2018 she was a contestant on the Great British Bake Off, where she was star baker twice, went all the way to the Finals and was loved for her unique sense of style and creatively whimsical designs, frequently featuring adorable animals. She was also admired for her calm approach to baking, (Kim-)joyful personality and determination to keep going despite tears and setbacks.


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