Alistair and Jekka McVicar will be leading sessions in the CL kitchen and the Good Life Theatre to teach you all about using herbs for your dishes as well as in your every day life to improve personal well-being.

Jekka’s is a family run herb farm with over 30 years’ experience in growing and using medicinal and culinary herbs. At Jekka’s they believe in cultivating flavour and aim to educate and inspire gardeners and cooks of all ages. Jekka’s offer a variety of herb experiences from Open Days and Private Tours to Master Classes and Corporate Days. These are based around Jekka’s Herbetum, a living encyclopedia of over 400 culinary herbs. They also have a range of herbal infusions and illustrated home ware and gifts, designed by Hannah McVicar, available online or from the farm.

Jekka’s Herb Farm

Descriptions of their sessions can be found below:

CL Kitchen:

Understand why herbs are more than a garnish

Explore the role of herbs in plant-based and vegan diets. Whether you are interested in these diets from health, well-being or environmental concerns, this master class will show you how herbs are an important part of our diet and far more than a garnish. During the class we will look at simple seasonal herb led vegan and vegetarian dishes that you can make at home.


The Good Life Theatre:

You will gain practical tips on which part to use and how to use herbs in the Kitchen and Home.
Herbs have been used by man since records began. It is only in the last century that we, in the UK, have lost the knowledge of knowing which part of the plant to use, how much to use and which time of year it is best to sow and harvest. The combination of herbs with food is not only for flavour but also to aid digestion for as Hippocrates said ‘Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine’. You will learn not only how to turn a meal into a feast but also how to preserve herbs for use throughout the year, both for medicinal and culinary use.


For more information on their sessions and session times in the CL Kitchen click here and in the Good Life Theatre click here.


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