The team at Country Living Fair caught up with the makers of Annie with Alex who have previously exhibited at the Spring Fair in London. Here’s a bit more about their family-run business and uniquely crafted products.

History of us…
Annie and Alex are not only the founding members of “Annie with Alex but we are also a mother and daughter combination which makes this even more important to us.

We are part of a long line of creative bag makers, and the story starts with Annie’s Dad Syd. Syd was a sailor and loved making items, whether this was a handmade boat in their back garden in Dundee, Scotland in, an art studio in the garden or making a bag out of a boat sail and rope he was always busy.
Like Syd, both Annie and Alex have inherited the creativity genes and have enjoyed making hand crated practical items for friends and family for over 30 years, whether this was French Provencal lavender bags, to bags for travel adventures the recipients have kept the bags close at hand for many years.

The Annie with Alex journey officially began back at the end of 2017 when we took the decision to share our bags wider than friends and family.

We have designed & created a portfolio of handmade bags for all different occasions for the whole family. Whether this is carrying your essential make up in your handbag, children’s rucksacks, i-pad and tech storage whilst on holiday, bathroom bucket bags or also homeware solutions – we have a bag for you and your home


We have always been motivated by the changing demands on a modern lifestyle, our collection is a range of contemporary and functional accessories which we hope people will use day after day.
Our first collection was inspired by one particular accessory, this bag was designed, created and made by Annie for her granddaughter, Isabelle. She designed “The Pub Bag!” which is made with classic fabric on the outside, and kid-friendly on the inside. This bag will be the centre of the display at the event and creates a talking point of the Annie with Alex brand, giving visitors not only a bag but also a story to tell their friends and family.

When thinking about the next collection of bags we look towards our customers to tell us. We think that’s one of the most important things when starting a business – ask your customers what they want and if you get the same answer a few times you are onto a winner!

About our products

All of our products are fully lined and made from the finest range of materials some of which include: French linen, English Heritage cotton, vintage fabrics, high quality waterproof and luxury British made wool.
As well as our items being hand crafted by us in Great Britain, we have a unique Annie with Alex twist as our zipped bag contains a vintage key. Each key is unique, and must have a story to tell, which is a little like us!

Top 3 things for crafters and makers:

  1. Do something you enjoy, life is too short!
  2. If you are unsure about a something that you are making, ask friends and family they are very helpful especially if you offer tea and cake!
  3. Be creative and push the boundaries, you never know if you don’t try

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