Distinctive Garden is a small family company specialising in unique outdoor pottery. All products are hand made and wood fired using their unique glazing process to give a truly individual product. All products are 100% frost proof and durable. We caught up with David to find out more in our latest Meet the Maker interview…

How did it all start?

We partnered a very famous potter and working together we re-created some of the Mediterraneans most wonderful designs, using our unique glaze we can offer our customers all the appeal of an ancient urn or planter whilst all the benefits of a durable product.

The story behind the name..
Our products are very distinctive and often used by the UK’s leading garden designers so Distinctive Garden seemed like a fitting name.

Where are you based?
Selby, Yorkshire

What inspires you?
Innovation, sustainability and design!

The creation process and what makes us unique…
Our products are coil made using a blend of three different types of clay, we start from the base and build the jars using sections of clay, handshaking as we work up. Hand detailing is done and patterns are pressed wherever used. The jars are then air dried for 2 days until ready to be loaded into the kilns.

Our kiln is over 200 years old and called a “Dragon Kiln” as it looks like a dragons tail (a row of kilns next to each other built into a hillside – each one slightly higher than the other one). We wood fire the kiln starting from the lowest one and brick up the entrance – leaving just a feed hole. This is repeated on each kiln until each kiln is firing. The kilns are “fed” and fired for 5 days solidly. Then, we remove the products – we add our unique glaze which is our combination of minerals and we fire the products in the kilns again for another 4-5 days. The results are amazing and each product is totally unique.

What is your next project?
Table lamps – we are converting some of our jars here in Yorkshire into a small range of table lamps – again totally unique!

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
To continue to innovate and add products to the range.

What is your biggest achievement?
We have won many gold start awards at Chelsea Flower show and last year we we shortlisted for RHS Garden Product of the year.

What is your best-selling product/line?
Emperor Jars, Saturn Jars and Planters

(Emperor Jars)

What was your first experience of the Country Living Fairs?
Visiting whilst we were also exhibiting at Hampton Court Flower Show.

What do you love about the Country Living Fairs?
Quality of products and exhibitors, it’s a great shopping experience.

Your top tips for crafters and makers…
Keep things simple to start with and add to your range as you grow.

Any advice for fledgling businesses…
Try to be different and offer something unique if possible – cut your own way into your market.

To find out more about the ranges on offer at Distinctive Garden, visit their website: www.distinctivegarden.co.uk. David and the team are continuing to fulfil orders and offer a zero contact delivery and installation service.

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