The Interior Spy will be exhibiting at Country Living Spring Fair for the first time in Spring. Here’s a little more about Miranda and her products. 

The Interior Spy, started life about 2 years ago as an interiors blog styled and written by Miranda Vedral. Since then the blog has grown into a homewares brand.

Miranda specialises in handwoven basket ware from sub-Saharan Africa. All products are handwoven, we mean really handwoven and 90% of the baskets are woven by ladies, often from very rural and impoverished areas.

As a former interior designer with a leaning towards the natural and pared-down, the raw beauty of this handwork immediately resonated with Miranda, when sourcing them in Africa.

Some items have been woven for hundreds of years, and are part of the cultural heritage of the country, such as the winnowing platters form Zimbabwe and Zambia. Other items have been woven especially into shapes to suit interiors spaces, such as the side tables.

Every item in The Interior Spy catalogue is personally sourced, on site in Africa, by Miranda and selected specifically for its versatility around the home, its adaptability to any “type” of interior: from modern warehouse penthouses to ancient cottages and in-between.


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