Little Farm Ceramics creates hand-painted ceramics to brighten up your home. We had an interview with Kimberley from Little Farm ceramics about her unique brand! Take a look below…


Can you give us an overview of your company and what you do?

I pride myself in my individual approach to my creations, whether you’re looking for an original gift or something special for you from which you’ll want to get years of pleasure. From the beginning I was passionate about making every product individual and personal. Every single item has been designed and personally hand-painted by myself, Kimberley Christina, therefore no two products will ever be the same. Each piece of ceramic is hand-painted at my home…Little Farm.
I pride myself in listening to my clients needs and wants, producing timeless, unique products that will brighten up every home. This is still the driving force behind the company, my ceramics have an individual touch that is unavailable on the high street.

How did it all start?
It all started in my childhood when I was bought up on a working farm and I used to design quaint illustrations of the animals that I was constantly surrounded by. Fast forward a number of years when I bought a small kiln and started painting pottery for my friends and family as a hobby, using my childhood drawings as my inspiration, the company was formed. The orders started rolling in and eventually the ‘Little Farm Ceramics’ name grew in the farming community and surrounding villages. Fast forward another couple of years and the company now continues to grow week on week, but still with notion that this pottery will brighten up anyone’s home!

What inspires you?
The countryside, animals and bright colours! Drinking tea (lots of it). My perfect day – a stroll out in the countryside to blow away the cobwebs, then into the warmth with a mug of tea in a Little Farm Ceramics mug, then into my studio to paint the day away!

What is your creation process?
The creation process is quite a long one. I generally design the new designs on paper and play around with the colours and the images, making sure the colours compliment each other. I will then paint the designs on the bisque, but the colours will never appear as real until they come out of the kiln where the glaze has brightened the under-glazed paints, this may take a few attempts due to the colours changing in the kiln. Sponges are then designed and the designs are tested on all the products to make sure they look perfect.

What is your next project?
More designs especially animal designs – I won’t give away too much, but customers are always giving me ideas and feedback about what animals they would like to see on my products. I always listen to my customer’s ideas, so, keep your eyes peeled – your suggestion might be coming to life and be featured on the ceramics very soon.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
2019 is the year for Little Farm Ceramics – we are expanding; starting with creating an online shop (before orders have sent via email). We will be seen at some big shopping events throughout the year – including all the Country Living Magazine Spring and Christmas Fairs. We have some fantastic new designs coming through that have been a joy to create. And some new products coming to the shelves – teamed with my designs are sure to brighten up your home.

What do you love about Country Living Fairs?
The support – I love the support form the Country Living Fairs teams – always there to help, lend a hand, they are so approachable, from the beginning of booking your stand to the last minute as you drive away on the last day!

Also the support from the other traders! We are all there for the same reason and we support each other, making great friends for life.

Your three top tips for crafters and makers
Patience – it really does takes time, don’t rush anything because mistakes will only happen if they do.
Learn from your mistakes – mistakes do happen (usually when you’re rushing) but learn from these mistakes – my kitchen is full of my ceramics which are my mistakes! But I still love them.
Love what you do and take pride in your creations – no-one else in the whole world can do what you do, they are your creations be proud of them and love them.


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