Using sustainably sourced plant dyes and pigments, Madder Cutch & Co’s unique textile designs are hand screen-printed on the finest linen. To find out how it all started, the inspiration behind the prints and future plans read our interview with Nicola from Madder Cutch & Co.


How did it all start?

Drawing, sewing, printing, colour and pattern, have all figured significantly in my life, a consequence of growing up in the seventies and eighties. But my love for William Morris prints prompted a desire to make my own printed fabrics.

Natural dye colours are beautiful; I love their subtle hues and the way they work together. And so since giving up teaching 5 years ago I have dedicated my time to bringing these natural and sustainable dyes back into our homes.


What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature, I guess like most designers. I find myself spotting something I haven’t noticed before or that really looks nice and a story is triggered in my mind, my creeping ivy came about as a way to say sorry for pulling it harshly out of the ground as it dominated an old apple tree in the garden.


What is your creation process?

I love to draw and my designs all materialise organically, I don’t seem to have a process. But most of my designs are years in the making, I have an idea for a sketch and then play around with it for a design I will then leave it in my sketch book, almost forgotten. I visit my sketch books when I want to bring out a new design, one will leap out at me and I take from there.


What is your next project?

I am continually working on ideas for new designs for my sketch book. I am enjoying working on a retro style design to launch at the Spring fair.


What are your plans for the next 12 months?

I am running quite a few workshops, continually sourcing old furniture and want to keep expanding the range of designs I print.


What are your three top tips for crafters and makers?

1.Enjoy what you do.

2.Believe in what you do.

3.Work hard.

What do you love about Country Living Fairs?

Meeting the public and telling them all about the natural dyes I use



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