RE-WRAP-IT make simple and useful reusable Sandwich Wrappers. Rather than having single use plastic bags, cling film or tinfoil, for your packed lunch,  you would  use a Wrapper. It folds round your sandwich, wrap or roll and is sealed with a velcro strip. To clean the inside you give it a wipe down with a cloth and if the outside gets grubby it can be thrown in the washing machine.

RE-WRAP-IT will be featured on the BBC 1 new programme ”The Customer is Always Right” – make sure to tune in on Thursday (2nd May 2019) at 11am. 

For more information on how RE-WRAP-IT started, the story behind it and what inspires the makers, see our interview with Shona, the founder of RE-WRAP-IT below…

How did it all start?

I have 3 children and that’s a lot of packed lunches! I was horrified by the amount of plastic that was being thrown away on a daily basis. I worked in design before my children were born so always had an interest in how things work.  So it was back to the drawing board to work out if there was a more simple, green solution to wrapping up sandwiches in cling film, tin foil or plastic bags….and the ORIGINAL Wrapper was born!

What makes you, your brand or products unique?

The Wrappers are made by the inmates at Kilmarnock Prison. As a green product I really wanted them made in Scotland but I struggled to find anyone to do the manufacture. I contacted the prison and they were delighted to take it on. The inmates do the sewing, learn a skill, gain a qualification and get paid for their work. I get them made 30 minutes from home so a win win situation.

What inspires you?

David Attenborough! – Thanks to David Attenborough and Blue Planet there has been a massive rise in awareness of how damaging single use plastic bags are to the environment, so, enter our Wrapper.

What is your creation process?

The concept is based round a cotton handkerchief – Dick Whittington really was the basis for the creation.

What is your next project?

We would love to do something with bamboo…

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

To continue growing Re-Wrap-It and help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the oceans.

Tell us a little bit about your experience filming ”The customer is always right” 

I was delighted to be contacted by Firecracker media company who were looking for entrepreneurial ideas for a new BBC 1 daytime show called ‘The Customer is Always right.’  I was very intrigued as it was described as a cross between GoggleBox and Dragon’s Den. ‘What’s not to love’…I thought!

We had great fun filming both at the house and in a mock design studio, The concept was brilliant: three products were sent to several ‘Goggle Box’ style households. They work out what the product is, use it and then score it out of 10 for how good it is and if it is value for money. 

‘The Customer is Always Right’ started on Easter Monday on BBC 1 and runs for 15 episodes.  There is a Tremendous Trophy for the winner of each episode…. sorry, no spoiler alerts for who wins my round so turn on and tune in for episode 9 on Thursday 2nd MAY AT 11am to see IF the customer is always right!


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