Littlechook design personalised aprons for cooking and baking in delightfully bright colours. They also have a range of organic cotton birthday t-shirts.

The aprons can be personalised with any name that you like. There’s a whole range of designs to choose from making our aprons a perfect gift for little chefs!

We caught up with Karin from Littlechook to find out more about the business. Take a look below for the interview…

Meet the Makers (5)
Meet the Makers (9)

How did it all start?

I studied textiles at art college and my first job was as a designer in a traditional Scottish weaving mill which made tartans and tweeds.

I had various jobs over the years and decided to quit the corporate world after doing a screen printing evening class. My main products are childrens aprons and this started when I wanted some aprons for my own daughter’s who are both brilliant cooks.

The story behind the name…

Littlechook comes from when my parents lived in Australia and I just loved the Aussie word “chook” for chicken.

Where are you based?

I am based in North London.

What inspires you?

Lots of things really. Clothes I see people wearing, going to The Tate, browsing Pinterest and seeing wildlife and nature.

What is your creation process?

I start off with hand drawn images which I then digitise so they can be cut out (using a vinyl cutter). I then use a heat press to transfer the images onto aprons, pyjamas, and t-shirts.

Meet the Makers (16)
Meet the Makers (7)

What makes your brand or products unique?

My aprons are personalised so they are a great gift as kids can choose their favourite animal or dinosaur and it encourages them to get baking.

What is your next project?

I am working on a new range of children’s pyjamas in bright colours.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

To develop my own website – it’s been a bit neglected.

What is your biggest achievement?

Adopting a rescue dog and seeing her change from a scared wee scrap into the most loving family dog.

What is your best-selling product?

Personalised Aprons for children aged 2 – 13 years.

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What do you love about the Country Living Fairs?

I am looking forward to the lovely festive atmosphere that the Fair always has and to meeting up with customers old and new.

I love the variety of products and I always enjoy the food area and end up buying way too much cheese.

Your three top tips for crafters and makers…

  1. Make sure your product is well designed and well made. Customers love and will pay for quality.

  2. Have brilliant customer services.

  3. Don’t stress about social media and number of followers.

Any advice for fledgling businesses…

Make sure you calculate your prices properly and join facebook groups or local networking groups as there’s a whole creative small business community out there who are welcoming and helpful.


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