Designer Jewellers Peter & Sandra Noble hand make exquisite jewellery to the highest quality, specialising in unique and innovative design whilst utilising traditional skills in craftsmanship. Working exclusively with exceptional quality materials, with designs drawn from Peter’s love of colour and inspiration from natural habitat, they create truly exceptional pieces. To find out more about their company, how it all started and what’s in stall for the future, take a look below at our interview with Peter and Sandra Noble…

How did it all start?

Peter started early, joining Moseley School of Art in Birmingham aged 12. He studied at Birmingham School of Jewellery and Silversmithing, following it up with an apprenticeship in the Birmingham jewellery sector. Peter was privileged to work alongside one of the top avant-garde jewellers of that era at a time when people where creating fresh ways of thinking and releasing unbelievable creativity.


What is the story behind the name…

We kept it simple and used our names!


Where are you based?

The workshop is in the heart of our 48 acre farm on the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall, an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Far more than just a farm, our home is an ecological project, a part of the Green Initiative, training and working with young people in the art of organic farming. 

Every piece of work we make is inspired by, and reflects the creative ecology in which we live.


What inspires you?

Peter says ‘My wife!’.

Of course, we are inspired by our relationship with our customers, listening to their wishes and aspirations, and designing pieces especially for them that make them feel good about themselves when they are wearing them, as well as looking great.


What is your creation process?

Our creation process stems from hard work application, love of what we do and meticulous attention to detail.


What makes you, your brand or products unique?

We make beautiful jewellery with inherent value and meaning. Each piece is crafted to the sentiment of the occasion with a personal, insightful precision.


What is your next project?

Work and collections evolve throughout the year. Every piece we make is unique so the work is evolving all the time.


What is your biggest achievement?

Being given the opportunity to live and work creatively and produce beautiful pieces for lovely people.


What is your best-selling product/line?

Every piece we create is unique as our customers are unique! Our Narrow Enamel Bands are very popular and can still be personalised to almost any colour.


What do you love about Country Living Fairs?

We made a conscious choice to keep our service as personal as possible and exhibiting at Country Living gives us the opportunity to catch up with customers across the country. We enjoy the feedback process with our returning customers who are always asking what’s new.

It also means our customers can meet us, try things on and literally get a feel for what we do.


Your three top tips for crafters and makers…

  • Treat your customers with care and respect
  • Work hard
  • Be unique in everything you create


Do you have any advice for fledgling businesses…

Listen to your customers and love what you do!



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