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Julius Roberts is a first-generation farmer and restaurant trained cook, telling the tale of a life in the British countryside

Having previously trained at noble rot in London, he decided to channel his culinary skills into a journey towards self-sufficiency, transforming his garden in Suffolk into a productive farm.

He celebrates nature with a deep respect for quality ingredients, seasonality and animal welfare. So far, he has established both vegetable and herb gardens that have been carefully cultivated to produce plants with great flavour and variety. As an avid animal lover Julius is rearing goats, pigs, sheep and chickens with great care, and you will always be sure to find his lurcher puppies, Loki and Zephyr, close beside.

At the heart of Julius’ food lies his passion for sustainability. He is a great advocate of cooking with local ingredients whenever possible. He often works with produce he has grown on his farm, or foraged in the surrounding woods, using his creativity to bring field to plate.

Filled with an infectious enthusiasm Julius communicates his passion through Instagram, in the hope of inspiring others to become more adventurous in the kitchen. He shares his knowledge on everything from pickling and curing, to keeping bees and selecting seeds. With his charm and good humour, he uniquely makes farm fine dining accessible to all.

Julius performs at food festivals around the UK and has a book in the pipeline.


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