62806628-9DF3-4588-A62D-4AD428892050 - gill connolly
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Gill and Rosie, the creators of That Girl In Green, are a mother/daughter team selling handmade gifts in the colour Green! They have created, curated and commissioned amazing gifts, some by them and some  sourced from their talented group of Artisan friends. We caught up with Gill to discover the story behind That Girl in Green... How did it all start? I am a jewellery designer and h
IMG_6381 - Becka Gauld
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Becka Gauld, creator of Becka's Insects, makes insects, spiders, webs and snails from silver plated wire, sea glass, driftwood, marbles, gemstones and upcycled materials. These are in the form of wall mounting pieces, sculptures and wearable art and jewelery. She lives in Edinburgh and makes everything herself from scratch. We caught up with her to discover the story behind Becka's Insects...
JE136_aqua_aquamarine_gemstone_earrings_gold_vermeil_drops_dangle_dangly_greek_roman_antique_vintage - Annie Mundy
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Beyond Biasa designs and manufactures jewellery inspired by tribal and vintage pieces from around the globe. Founder, Annie Mundy, has been collecting antique jewellery during her travels in India and south-east Asia for many years and the influence of this jewellery can be seen in her current collections. Beyond Biasa works with small family workshops in many countries and benefits from t