Time to go off the wall with that paintbrush!  

The fridge

Sweep aside those faded notes secured by a smattering of kitsch magnets bought whilst on holiday in the Med in the ‘90s and rejuvenate your coolerator with a lick of chalkboard paint.

Not only will you have a fresh-look kitchen appliance, you will also have a giant wipe-clean surface for drawings, games, birthday messages and reminders. To keep your fridge magnetic simply apply a magnetic primer after you have cleaned and lightly sanded the fridge’s surface, and before you layer on the chalkboard paint with a sponge roller. Don’t forget to buy the chalk!

Your glassware

All you need is some Chalk Paint – such as Annie Sloan’s – and a stencil to personalize some mason jars and make a smart set of drinking receptacles for you and your family.

Or, colourise a cut glass vase by pouring the paint inside the vessel and rotating it to coat the inside. Pour out the excess, wipe clean the rim, and leave the vase to dry for a result which is bright and modern.

Brass fixtures and fittings

If bold as brass isn’t quite your thing when it comes to door knobs, light fixtures and hardware then spray it away with spray paint.

The trick to achieving an even and good-looking end result is to thoroughly clean the brass with wire wool and a damp, lint-free cloth, and then clean it again with a degreaser before applying a basic primer and leaving it to dry overnight, before finally painting. Pick a paint that is suitable for metal, such as an enamel paint, an acrylic- or oil-based product, or another hard-drying paint.

For first-hand advice from Queen of Paint Annie Sloan head to Alexandra Palace for our Country Living Spring Fair 2018 (26th-29th April). The creative mind behind Chalk Paint® will be leading four daily workshops where you will have the chance to get messy and make your very own masterpiece.

Book tickets now.


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