Explore the world of Milina London, where timeless elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship. Join us as we share our passion for artisan jewellery and the inspirations that drive their creations. From North London to India and Mexico, Milina infuses her talents into each piece, making every creation a work of art. Discover what sets Milina London apart in the world of fine jewellery.

Rings & Bracelets

Crafting Elegance:
Exploring the Artistry of Milina London Jewellery

Interview with Milina Lunavat.

Explore the world of Milina London, where timeless elegance meets contemporary craftsmanship. Join us as we share our passion for artisan jewellery and the inspirations that drive their creations. From North London to India and Mexico, Milina infuses her talents into each piece, making every creation a work of art. Discover what sets Milina London apart in the world of fine jewellery.


Tell us a little bit about your work…


Milina London specializes in contemporary, handmade artisan jewellery in sterling silver and gold. We aim to create jewellery that is an affordable luxury, yet handmade with natural materials. We also offer a dedicated gemstone collection, and we source only the highest quality, natural materials, from natural gemstones to freshwater pearls. 

More recently, we have added a fine jewellery range and a men’s collection, which currently includes bracelets and cufflinks. We also undertake all types of bespoke commissions and can tailor the jewellery to our clients’ exact requirements. Common commissions include wedding rings, engagement rings, and special necklaces or bracelets for significant birthdays or other events. We create with precious metals such as sterling silver, gold, or platinum, and can source precious gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, to create your piece. Another popular service we offer is the recreation of old pieces of jewellery or the setting of gemstones.

How did it all start?


Having graduated from the London School of Economics, I worked in the banking industry in London for several years. However, after the birth of my first child in 2007, I knew I wanted a change. My love and passion for jewellery stem from my childhood, growing up in India, where, for my family, jewellery is more than just an accessory; it is a piece of art passed down through the generations. Inspired by this, in 2009, I went back to studying, this time at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in London, and qualified as an Accredited Jewellery Professional (AJP). Initially, I travelled extensively, meeting artisans in India and Mexico, and selling their rare finds to jewellery stores in London. But soon, I started creating my designs, cultivating these same relationships by involving the artisans in the manufacturing process and taking inspiration from the London jewellery designers that surrounded me, as well as my travels all over the world. My creations started selling more extensively throughout the UK. With time, lots of hard work, excitement, and fun, the brand – Milina London – was born.


What’s the story behind the name?


This was probably one of the hardest decisions to make. However, my family, friends, and clients convinced me that it had to be Milina – from designing, to sourcing the materials, to finding and working with my artisans, to checking each piece individually – I am involved throughout the process of each creation.

What inspires you?


I absolutely love old Indian jewellery, especially pieces from the Mughal era – the craftsmanship, the cuts of the stones, the colors, and designs of the enamel work. I am also very inspired by classic simple shapes you see every day around you, the “organic symmetry” you find in nature, the colors, and textures all around.


What is your creation process?  


Inspiration for a piece of jewellery could come from anywhere – it could be a stone I fall in love with, a motif I may have seen on a card, a pattern I may have seen on a piece of fabric. With a central idea, I design around it, keeping the design simple yet fluid, and making sure the end piece is comfortable, beautiful, and impeccably made.


What makes you and your brand so unique?


We are proud to work with many talented artisans from India, Mexico, and the UK. Our artisans typically learn their skills at a young age from parents or other family members, perfect them with years of making jewellery, and then pass the traditional jewellery-making methods onto future generations. While supporting this global network of artisans, we feel that we also encourage their children to learn the skills, inspiring them to continue the traditions and craftsmanship. The artisans we work with take great pride in their work and give their utmost to every piece they make. We also only use precious metals and natural stones to make our pieces, making our pieces comfortable and easy to wear. We truly offer affordable luxury with every piece of jewellery we sell.

What is your next project?


We are looking to launch a new collection of fine jewellery and are working on it at the moment. However, with any new collection, it is difficult to anticipate how and when it will work out. Keeping fingers crossed.

What is your biggest achievement?


I am very proud of everything we have achieved at Milina London – our wonderful artisans and their beautiful work, our amazing clients that have supported us for the last 8 years and keep coming back to us because of our quality and customer service, every bespoke commission we have made. Recently, Princess Catherine wore our earrings to the Wimbledon Men’s Finals. This has truly been an overwhelming experience for us at Milina London, and we are still pinching ourselves to make sure it is real.

Rings & Bracelets

What is your best selling product?


I think this would be our chunky sterling silver rings, especially our Wrap Ring. Our gemstone earrings are also really loved, and recently, our green onyx earrings with a triangular-shaped stone drop have been very popular.

Any advice for fledging businesses?


Be patient and keep working on your passion. It takes time to make a successful business. It is a hard road, but perseverance will see you through.

Keep an open mind. Sometimes if something does not work, be flexible and take a different approach to it.

Don’t compromise on what is important to you about your product.

There are no shortcuts to building a successful business. Hard work, patience, resilience, adaptability, and a little luck all are very important!

What do you love about the Country Living Christmas Fairs? 


The customers at the Country Living Fairs are brilliant. I love how passionate they are about supporting small businesses and everything we do. I also love the festive atmosphere at the fairs and the team and how helpful they are.

More information on Milina London can be found here.


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